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This organization has two goals:

Legislative Representation


January 21, 2022
Springfield, MO

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Legislative Director named

Please help welcome Gene Wiseman, our new Legislative Director for Missouri Dairy!

Folks might recognize Gene from his previous appointment of State Milk Board director. We are excited for Gene to couple his passion for dairy, with his knowledge of Jeff City's hallways to help ensure a stable political environment for our operations.

Summer Social & Learn

High quality forages have always given dairy producers the competitive edge.

We had a great time at the Summer Field day learning about the genetic advancements that have forage sorgham and sorgham sudangrasses recently making them a viable option for your operation.

On July 20th, We joined the University of Missouri's extension at the Southwest Research station to walk the variety trial and learn more from the plant breeders.

2021 June Dairy Month


Present at the Proclamation (L to R) Front: Alfred and Sam Brandt, Governor Parson, Director Chinn, Megan Bruemmer.

Back: Ron Grusenmeyer, Gene Wiseman, Daryl Braun, Ted Bruemmer, Reagan Bluel.

2021 Dairy Expo

Was a success!

The 2021 Dairy expo took new shape to accommodate producer's busy schedules and the pandemic. Our one day meeting gathered over lunch at Port Oasis overlooking the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. Some breed associations chose to meet the following day, while others rescheduled for a later date.

Top Left: Greg Scheer joined us from T.C. Jacoby & Co. a leader in dairy product marketing to provide insight on the Need to Know information about your milk check and how
effective dairy marketing ripples through the entire industry.

Bottom left: Chairnman Tom Oelrichs conducts business meeting

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